Does It Come In Black?

Step Into a New Way of Looking at Yourself.

Ready To Wear Or Custom
- We've Got It.

We offer Custom Couture or Ready-to-Wear pieces. The first is made by request and the other can be found in our store.

DICIB’s ready-to-wear styles are designed for the individual with a sense of self and agency, who doesn’t want to be told what she can and cannot wear.

In DICIB, There Are No Rules.

We Follow Your Vision and Create the Perfect Clothes to Make You Feel Amazing.

Fashion That Makes You
Feel Good.

There is a lot of pressure of what to wear when you’re not sure if it’s going to make you feel comfortable.

DICIB will get rid of those pressures with their ready-to-wear striking clothing that will make you feel good and empowered about yourself.

Custom Couture
Made To Measure.​

Get your true vision out there! 

Don’t let anyone dictate how you feel you should look. Let Shae be the one to help you create custom clothing that will make you feel and look like a boss.

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Say Goodbye To
Your Fear Of Fashion.

Stop wasting time and money on clothes that don’t make you feel good!

Say goodbye to the rules of fashion with DICIB. Unique, good and empowered clothing for people who want to feel good and look great.